7 countries. 7 photographers. 7 months.
One camera - The Leica Q.

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Illuminated is a journey of discovery. It is about bringing new perspectives to life.

In each instalment of the Illuminated journey, we send a different photographer to a city that is totally foreign and previously unknown to him or her. In a literal sense, the photographers must discover the place - its space, its people and its culture - for themselves.

For each of their journeys, our photographers are given a topic with which to build a series around. They are encouraged to approach the topic in a way that takes them out of their own comfort zones.

On a metaphorical sense, the photographer must also discover themselves in a light previously unknown or unexplored.

What ties this journey together is the Leica Q. At the end of each of their experience, the same camera is handed over to the next photographer ready to explore. In that sense, the Leica Q is a torch passed from one explorer to another. The torch that illuminates each of their of their personal journeys.


Accompanying each Illuminated explorer on his or her journey is Milan-based photographer and traveller, Chiara Goia. Documenting all aspects of our photographers' experiences, methods and personal moments with her own Leica Q, Chiara creates another distinct visual language with which to further tell the Illuminated story.

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