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New York

Hosanna Swee on the search for Heritage in New York

The Pick up

Located in the historic SoHo neighborhood, Hosanna Swee arrives in New York's Leica store to pick up the Leica Q. "Photography to me is a journey. It is a constant process of unveiling the layers. This is not only an outward movement, seeking truth through documentation, but an inward process of discovering yourself."


"New York city has always inspired me since the beginning. It is one of the most diverse cities in the world that evolves at a rapid pace. In this urban sprawl, there are spaces, which are often overlooked, where so much of the city's history and culture is embedded, where tall skyscrapers tower incongruously next to gritty hawker stalls."


"I've always had an instinct for light, shadow, enigmas, form and structure but the most important thing is the subject matter; the character that evokes empathy. I seek beauty in the mundane, in the everyday. I approach my work with authenticity and simplicity."

The Dichotomy of Subject

"Despite its reputation as a city that never sleeps. New York City still retains a fierce sense of heritage. Through this series, I envision to distil this dichotomy by juxtaposing the old and the new - capturing the essence of New York City, which demonstrates its evolution as a global hub, while still showing the traits of its rich heritage and recalling the city's yesteryears."

Harlem - Chinatown

"For me, the streets are a constant source of inspiration and it is a way for me to keep in touch with the world. Harlem & Chinatown are some of the most diverse communities in the world, with immigrants from almost every Asian and American nation."

Soho - Wall Street

"I truly believe that there must be a clear intention behind why and what you create. If you're void of emotions when you photograph, you give your audience nothing to respond to and the depth of your work suffers."