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Miranda Barnes on low light

The pick up

After touching down in Shanghai, Miranda visited the Leica Store located amidst the boutiques of West NanJing Road. Here she received her Leica Q and her low light brief.


This colossal city ranks as 2nd largest in the world with 24 million inhabitants over 6000 km2. The sheer size of Shanghai is matched by its wealth of dialects and a public transport system that serves 10 million travellers a day.

Making sense of the madness

Arriving in a foreign city is often disorientating but Shanghai - a mix of seemingly endless disparate elements - requires a way of processing the sensory overload. By searching for visual connections and repetitions one can make sense of madness and create their own personal view of the city.


One of the most simplistic yet most effective techiques for creating a coherent series of images can be to focus on one or a combinations of colours. Accompanying Miranda was storyteller Chiara Goia who captured these shots fittingly focusing on the colours of Chinese flag.


Certain light conditions can also create a look and a context for a series of images and what better look than low light?


No two shadows are the same, yet their dark tones created by the absence of light almost always add impact and allure to any image.