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Jessie Marlow on a journey of Discovery in Singapore

The arrival

"Straight away the humidity hits you. When you walk out of the hotel room that’s the first thing you notice. It’s very clean and well designed. That’s something you notice straight away is different from other parts of Asia that I've traveled to. It's also very sophisticated and easy to get around. It's a fantastic country."

The Pick up

Jesse Marlow arrives at the Leica Store inside Singapore’s luxurious Fullerton Hotel to pick up his Leica Q. His topic: Discovery.

Signs and lines

"I think with big cities in particular - all around the world - there’s definitely a path that governments and councils want people to stick to. It’s usually very present when you walk the streets. Yellow lines, walk here, don’t walk there, STOP! - all these warnings. It’s something that I look to incorporate and sometimes from a humorous angle."


"I’m looking for that little bit extra, where a person might be walking through a scene and they’ve seen me standing there with my camera. They might duck to get out of the way, which then creates an interesting photo. The person might be carrying their body in a way, which is trying to avoid the camera. That’s something I look for, to bring that sense of ambiguity to the picture."

Colors & Shapes

"Often I’ll be drawn to a particular scene. It might be a color or it might be a graphic element. Then I look to see if there’s a way of incorporating a human presence or an animal or some other element, rather than it just being an interesting graphic shape. That’s the challenge, to find those scenes where the three combine."